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Escrow Law Firm is specialized in legal assistance with Real Estate transactions. Helping from the Due dilligence and verify the security of your purchase, to the closing and delivery of your property. We explain the mexican law, translate, negotiate and elaborate your purchase agreement. We can guide you on the international wiring process and your payment, not only showing you how to do it but making you save thousands of dollars on exchange rates to the bank. By escorting you through all the notary and deed process, you can be sure not only to do a solid and secure transaction but also to pay the lowest price.

- Our Services -
Legal Advice

Get a phone or zoom consultation with one of our experts on any question. You can rely on our Knoledge and expertise to give you all the information you need to comfortably move forward with your purchase.

Notary Assistance

Save thousands of dollars in notary fees and closing costs just by explaining and translating. Most of the non-english speaking notaries charge 30% to 40%. We can help you to Create a mexican corporation.


Get your Temporary or Permanent Residency in reasonable times. 

Speed up and facilitate document requirements for  your application process.


Secure your title with a trustful third party company. 

Save on bank fees by making a one time  payment.

Real Estate Purchase

We can assist you with the Due dilligence. Public registry check reccords, investigation of the seller, curriculum of builder.  Help with agreement and opening the Bank Trust.

Bank Account 

Get a Bank Account with or without a residency. 

Save more than $1500  dollars for each $100,000 you transfer by obtaining lower exchange rates on transactions and bank fees.

1H Phone consultation
Talk to an expert / Ask questions / Get insights
$150 USD
Legal advise and solution on any Real Estate matter in Mexico.
Closing Assistance
Purchase Contract| Payment | Notary
$1500 USD
Due dilligence and investigation of the seller. Help with the wiring of funds and how to pay on iternational orders. Unlimited phone consultation. Elaboration and negotiation of the promissory purchase agreement. Recomendation of the notary and interpretation. 20% discount on Escrow service, POA, opening a bank account, a bank trust or mexican corporation.
Escrow service
Agreement| Payment 
$850 USD
Includes the agreement elaboration. Follow up on the opertation
Open a Corporation
Application / Follow up
$2500 USD
Help with the notary. Providing an address and members needed to establish the mexican company
Open a Bank Account
Filling application form | Translation / Follow up 
$300 USD
Includes address in Mexico and help with the wiring of funds and how to pay on iternational orders.
Open a Bank Trust
Application | Paymens / Follow up
$2500 USD
Filling KYC form, and do follow up with the Bank. Includes Bank opening fee, first year of mantainance and Foreign Relation Agency permit. 
Power of Attorney
Elaboration | Explanation | Representation
$600 USD
Leave a POA to any of out representatives to act and sign in your place. Includes notary fees.
Purchase Sale Agreement
Elaboration | Negotiation | Explanation
$300 USD
Secure your purchase or sale with an agreement done according to the mexican law. Our firm will produce bilingual documents and include safety clauses to protect your deal and watch over balanced and fair clauses between the parties.
4 Year Residence
Application | Follow up | Delivery
$4000 USD
After 4 years of temporary residence you can become a permanent resident. Includes the application elaboration. Follow up in immigration office.  1 to 2 weeks.

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